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Achieve unparalleled customer experiences and real business outcomes with cutting-edge AI strategies delivered by Australia’s leading AI expert

Australia's leading expert on AI & CX

Simon Kriss is a customer experience (CX) futurologist and sought after thought leader on AI & CX Innovation, and best practice adoption.

Author of ‘The Empowered Customer Experience’ and host of the CXII Podcast, he is in demand as a keynote speaker, industry commentator and expert AI & CX consultant.

Working with Simon enables businesses to turn AI inspiration into real business outcomes.

Consulting Services

AI Initiation & Exploration

We simplify the complex and help you get your Board and C-Suite ‘on the same page’ so there is a common understanding of the possibilities and impact of AI.

We also work with you to identify how prepared your business is for AI and the ROI you can expect from its implementation

AI Planning & Governance

We’ll work with you to define your AI governance and your definition of AI ethical guidelines.

Together, we’ll specify your first use case and ensure you have the right AI team in place with all the training required prior to execution.

AI Adoption & Operation

We’ll commence your initial proof of concept, track any issues or wins, and deliver ROI results.

Then, we’ll move onto embedding this use case into daily operations and develop the next set of use cases for implementation.


“Simon is the absolute leader in practical knowledge of how AI will impact and enhance BPO operations. If your CX team is not listening to Simon, then your customers are missing out!”

– Peter Ryan,  Ryan Strategic Advisory

“Simon’s pragmatic approach to AI adoption has made a huge difference to our organisation’s understanding of what it takes to be successful with this new technology. He is our go-to resource for all things AI.”

– Bill Brooks,  Stats Australia

“Simon’s thought leadership on AI has helped guide our clients in the many ways they can adopt this incredible tech for a great customer experience. Simon demystifies the complexities and cuts through the hype – a true trusted advisor.”

– Sharon Melamed, Matchboard

The AI Empowered Customer Experience

In an era where technology’s influence permeates every facet of life, understanding Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) dual nature in shaping customer experience (CX) from its enticing possibilities entwined with complex risks, to outright hype, is not just crucial, it’s indispensable.

This book aims to demystify AI and how it can empower the customer experience, the employee experience and customer operations by providing relevant and practical use cases.

Customer Experience Innovation Institute 2023